Introducing MaiCoin OTC Trading Desk

Over-the-counter (OTC) trading offers deep liquidity for block trades that are subject to price slippage on the exchange order book. We provide private and reliable services to legal entities and organizations regardless you are trading an order size of $100,000 USD, $10,000,000 TWD or 200 Bitcoin.

Fiat currencies
● US Dollars (USD)
● New Taiwan Dollars (TWD)
● Bespoke solutions available upon request
● Bitcoin (BTC)
● Ethereum (ETH)
● Tether (USDT)
● USD Coin (USDC)
● Litecoin (LTC)

Eligibilities :
● You are a legal entity or an organization
● Pass KYC, AML checks
● Minimum order size of $20,000 USD or $3,000,000 TWD (varies by fiat currencies)

1-on-1 Services : Dedicated specialists to answer your questions from account creation to trading executions.
Trading Hours : Monday - Friday, 9am-6pm (UTC + 08:00)

How it works
Sign Up

You can start the process by providing your contact information below. Our representative will contact you via email to initiate the verification process.


MaiCoin serve clients who go through the necessary KYC and AML processes to enable large trades.
All clients are required to submit documents including government-issued IDs, Source of Income etc.


Open up a chat room with the trading desk. It doesn’t have to be long, you can simply say:
● You: “Please quote the buy price for 20 Bitcoin in USD.”
● Our Trader: “$7,000 USD per Bitcoin.”


You can either accept or decline for the price quoted. Once you confirm the price in the chat room, you will receive a trade confirmation email that states the agreed transaction, along with the bank information for wire transfer where you will transfer the funds.


As MaiCoin receives your fiat or cryptocurrencies, our team will transfer the cryptocurrencies or fiat to your designated wallet address or bank account.

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